“Reflaming” the Stigma About Pole
            (reframe + flame = reflame)

“Reflaming” the Stigma About Pole<br> <small>            (reframe + flame = reflame)</small>


“It's dirty” Reflamed… “It's unfamiliar.”

“It's sexual” Reflamed… “It's sensual”

“I'm not a stripper” Reflamed… “It's Personal Movement Art”

Reflamed… I can do this because it makes me feel free, invigorated and powerful.

There is no avoiding the fact that the concept of pole can be really, really intimidating. There are all sorts of stigmas and preconceived notions about pole dancers and pole dancing, and it quickly becomes hard to wrap your mind around the idea of doing this as a workout.

In fact, nearly all of our pole instructors felt the same way when they first started out. It scared them, but they viewed that as a challenge.

“Ascent Pole requires you to check your ego at the door and embrace your body just as it is” - Eliza Nimon, C2 Body Instructor

All of the instructors at C2 were amazed about how pole made their body feel, and how much they enjoyed learning to spin, climb, and experience a new form of mind body alignment. Instructor Megan Kennedy quickly learned to use the traditional stigma and negative perceptions about pole as a talking point, encouraging her clients to open their minds to the idea of something completely new.

The truth about pole fitness is that there are a multitude of benefits for the body that go beyond many traditional forms of exercise. Pole provides your body with the opportunity to discover muscles that it has never used before, leading to long term strength and improved agility. Unlike other workouts, pole is ever evolving - every week you might master a new spin, climb or inversion. But most importantly, pole empowers you with a new level of self confidence body awareness unlike any other workout. Pole teaches you to shift your mindset from “I can't do this” to “I can,” and to truly “reflame” that power in other areas of your world.

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