Turn on the BEAT in your body

At BeatBarre, we provide motivating, energizing and empowering workouts that allow you to truly connect with the beat in your body. Our unique combination of Barre, Cardio CORE and Buti® Yoga classes bring together music with strength training, toning and cardio exercises, allowing you to explore the freedom of your own body’s movement

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BeatBarre - Boston, Dedham


Get lost in the music, feel the burn, and leave nothing at the door. Our energizing barre workouts bring together Pilates, dance and functional training for invigorating, ever-evolving workouts.

BeatBarre - Boston, Dedham

Buti® Yoga

Ready to move and awaken new parts of your body? Buti® Yoga workouts transform your BODY + SOUL with cardio-intensive bursts of tribal dance, primal movement + conditioning woven
into a dynamic yoga practice.

BeatBarre - Boston, Dedham

Cardio CORE

Jumpstart your metabolism, optimize athletic performance, and train smarter with our combination of body control and high-intensity movements.

The BeatBarre difference

Beyond just following the latest trends in fitness, we design each BeatBarre class with your body in mind. Our constant commitment to learning and exploring helps us to truly understand our clients and how to achieve desired results.

BeatBarre - Boston, Dedham


Whether this is your first or hundredth time in the BeatBarre studio, we provide modifications for our workouts to ensure you work at a level that challenges your body in a safe way. Our goal is to ensure you stay present in your workout, without intimidation or competition.

BeatBarre - Boston, Dedham

Program variety

We change our routines every 6-8 weeks, and our music even more often! We choreograph to engaging songs and ensure each that movement syncs with the beat to keep you motivated and connected to the workout.

BeatBarre - Boston, Dedham

Repetition awareness

Our methods are anatomically designed to lengthen and tone your muscles. By asking you to do 8-16 repetitions of each exercise we will take you to a level where your muscles are challenged, but not your level of control or stability.

BeatBarre - Boston, Dedham


Each movement in our programs is designed to safely activate more than one muscle group at a time so you achieve maximum results from your workout. We don’t encourage movements like the “pelvic tuck,” as this can cause more harm than good – our classes will work your muscles, not your joints.

BeatBarre - Boston, Dedham

Standing time

Stuck at a desk all day? Unlike other barre programs, we challenge you to stand and move with us barre-side for 50 total minutes. Standing helps you to achieve an exploratory range of motion, regardless of your fitness level.

The Client Beat

Pricing plans to fit your needs

Our packages are designed with your needs in mind. Whether you’re an experienced athlete, recovering from an injury, or brand new to exercise, we are committed to helping you achieve your personal goals in each session.

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