hOUR features quality education designed to be comprehensive and time conscious.

At C2 Pilates we will guide you towards an education plan that meets YOUR criteria. hOUR
focus is helping you manage budget and time to achieve your goals.

Learn more. Achieve more.

C2 Pilates help you take control of your life, your dreams and your wellbeing

Our beliefs

Are the foundation for your success as a fitness instructor



Be challenged in a way that ensures you dedicate yourself to mastering your goals



You’ll be guided, supported and encouraged to become the best instructor you can be



It’s hOUR privilege to help you create a plan, execute it, and then celebrate your success



hOUR education is dedicated to helping you achieve current and new goals and arming you with new workshops and routines


hOUR routines

Have been created to give you fresh and innovative choreography

We understand that time is of the essence, which is why after attending one of our three-hour workshops you’ll leave fully equipped with written choreography and suggestions for music, and will be ready to power your way through a dynamic one-hour routine. You’ll even benefit from ongoing online video support too, meaning that your class attendees get the most out of YOUR passion and OUR experience.

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