Transform Your Body

With our commitment and your effort


Personal Training

We Follow Your Lead...

and we’ve got you from there.

You know YOUR body best...

but we know THE body better.

We train an individual based on their history which is housed in their physicality. We listen, we watch and we interpret. A client will always tell us physically how they want to be trained and what needs attention on any given session.

It’s a collective effort and we promise to collaborate... because again, we follow your lead.

Here’s what we believe in

An individual’s session is based on the place where they are at when they walk in. Your state of being at that moment is steeped in your physical and emotional history.



Engaging mentally and physically to challenge your body to break thru limitations and plateaus.



Put your trust in us…. and experience your body being taken care of.



Show us your edge...and we will take you there...and beyond.


Results Driven

A collaboration of skilled direction, working hard and willingness to be surprised!

Not everyone is the same

Neither are our personal training packages

Begin the Burn with our $219 Intro deal.

4 (55) min personalized sessions. (regularly $344) Experience the pleasure of being taken care of!




Interested in results?

Here's what customers have to say about the C2 experience

The trust I have in the C2 Pilates philosophy and staff has been earned. I do things on the equipment today I never dreamed I’d be able to do and the adventure is: I continue to surprise myself as I continue to get stronger and more skilled. I learn something new every session. It’s not a joke when I say “if a C2 Pilates trainer were to tell me to hang from the ceiling, I’d do it!” Not because I’m stupid, but because they know what they’re doing and they know what I’m capable of….even if I don’t know that myself. And I’ve never had an injury from all this. The confidence I now have, the amazing strength, agility and balance I’ve achieved are all the result of my time with C2 Pilates.