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At C2 Pilates we offer exciting, inspiring and innovative Pilates personalized private sessions and classes that will leave you energized and ready to face whatever life throws at you. During class you’ll learn the foundations of movement that connect your inner and physical self because we believe that when you’re truly connected, you really are the best you can be.

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Here's what we believe



Pilates is a vehicle to connecting, it is the way to feel and experience more. Maximum effort is a result of integrated breathing.



Embrace your ability to manage your body within its environment. Feel stronger and more grounded - both mentally and physically.



Understanding your unique design and loving yourself both inside and out is key to a happier, healthier future.


Movement Flow

Gain an intuitive ability to move with power and grace - both in the Pilates studio and throughout your daily life.



The ability to choose conscious physical awareness is a gift we should all embrace. Achieve presence through Pilates.

The C2 Pilates difference

All of our brands are founded within the principles of Pilates. Why? Because we believe in the method. Pilates is a proven solid foundation for all fitness modalities. We also believe in, and promote, multiple movement modalities and on any given day we will say: run, walk, bike, spin, climb, jump, hike, dance, swim, lift weights, swing...but ultimately do your Pilates!



Props, props and yes - more props! We are dedicated to promoting proper posture and alignment appropriate for your body.


Program Variety

What’s your pleasure? In the mood for precision or for releasing aggression? We’ve got you covered! Pilates can be ANYTHING you want it to be!



We strongly promote and adhere to biomechanical movement patterns. Our consistent goal is to train with functionality as a primary goal.


Postural Management

Did you know 70% of all injuries outside of forced blunt trauma are due to poor posture? Need we say more. Protect your well being through Pilates.


Personal Progression

Our goal is for progression for every body - regardless of your age, fitness levels and/or your perceived physical limitations.

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Pricing plans to suit your budget

Our Pilates packages have been designed to suit your physical, mental and financial needs. Whether you’re an old hand at Pilates or you’re a complete newbie, we want to help you unlock even more of your potential.

$199 Our Best Deal

  • One time purchase per client
  • Valid for One month unlimited Pilates and BeatBarre classes
  • Month starts on 1st class
  • MUST have experience on the reformer in order to enroll in pilates classes, if no experience, take advantage of the “$109 Fast Track To Reformer Classes” Awesome Deal!!!

$20 Intro Reformer Class

  • One time purchase per client
  • Must have prior Pilates reformer experience (please call if you have questions)
  • If no experience, take advantage of the “$109 Fast Track To Reformer Classes” Awesome Deal!!!

$109 Fast Track to Reformer Class

  • Valid for three 40 min Private Pilates equipment sessions and one group equipment class
  • Learn the Basics for class integration
  • This offer is not intended for those with injuries or limitations

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