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Total Barre™ Foundation Course

Location: South Windsor, CT

Time: Saturday, April 8, 2017, 12-7PM
Cost: $385, including course manual

Location: 293 Oakland Road, South Windsor, CT

The Total Barre Foundation Course provides the groundwork for Instructors, enabling them to produce safe, effective and varied programs that address the needs and goals of every client. Drawing from the diverse backgrounds of our Instructor-base, the Merrithew Health & Fitness™ (MH&F) team has created this program which will equip Instructors with the knowledge and confidence to design and teach highly evolved standing fitness classes in any setting.

The Level 1 Foundation Course presents 11 specially arranged and selected segments to serve as the template for each session or class. Each Total Barre class follows this template; however, the specific programming and exercises are determined by the Instructor to address class requirements and objectives. Segments are accompanied by timed selections of music, each at a designated pace. The 11 segments focus on individual areas of the body or movement type and when combined, produce a balanced and complete workout.

Each of the segments from the Foundation Course have been filmed and are posted online in a secure area of Merrithew.com. All course participants will be given access to these great visual resources as Moira Merrithew walks you through the choreography with and without music.

Level of Difficulty: Essential

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Location: Boston

Time: TBA
Cost: $75

Location: 840 Summer street, Boston Mass. 02127

This workshop is designed to provide runners with a 10-minute pre-run "wake up" and a 10-minute stretch and release cool down addressing back, hip flexors and hamstrings. The focus is awakening the "functional core" to support upright posture mile after mile and to address chronic areas of tightness. We will teach technique and form while providing restorative tips to give you a competitive edge during training, while you race and effective ways to help you recover more quickly. Workshop is $75 with 20% of proceeds going to the Martin Richard foundation. Upon completion of the workshop, participants have the opportunity to purchase the finish line package consisting of 4 group Pilates Stretch & Release or Pilates reformer classes for $100 with 20% of proceeds also going towards the Martin Richard Foundation.

Co-taught by CC Martin and Eliza Nimon


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Phone: 617-719-0567
Email: sean@c2pilates.com